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Learn Charisma: 4 instant tricks for more charisma

Charisma is the stuff legends are made of, captivating others, making little people powerful and making managers stars, giving people a magical aura and tremendous radiance. Some people are honored by their charisma and manage to overshadow all others with their charisma. Nevertheless, charisma can hardly be grasped or described. It's something special, almost magical, that makes charismatic people. We show what is behind the charisma and with which tips you can improve your charisma ...

Learn Charisma: 4 instant tricks for more charisma

Definition: What is charisma?
Charisma Definition-Charisma Charisma-Charismatic Charisma synonymCharismatic people are the shamans of modernity . They have that certain something, a wow effect, the gift of enchanting others. A privilege that immediately puts her at the center of attention. Synonyms for charisma are a particularly strong charisma, radiance or even the presence of a human being.

For the sociologist Max Weber, it was the people who, after the disenchantment of the world with science, enchanted them again. Weber interpreted charisma as the "exceptional, extra-ordinary, and not accessible to everyone," which leads people to "a very personal dedication."

The term itself was originally coined by Christian theologians. They introduced the concept of grace almost two millennia ago, describing people inspired by the Holy Spirit who have wisdom, knowledge and faith in particular.

Today, and above all in management , charisma is seen more as a special charisma, as the gift and spirit of managers with special effects, a mysterious part of their personality that gives them an almost magical and irresistible aura . It makes them a brand (read our free PDF for personal branding).

However, author and charismatic trainer Julia Sobainsky says: "Charisma is an attributed trait . You can not say of yourself: I have charisma. That's what others do. "

One thing is for sure: charisma is popular. Charismatics are extraordinary, think alien and are independent of others. Numerous politicians and personalities are said to have this gift and charisma:

Martin Luther King
Mahatma Gandhi
Steve Jobs
John F. Kennedy
Barack Obama
Helmut Schmidt
Gregory Gysi
Nevertheless, charisma remains an elusive feature. Almost mysterious, the charisma has an effect on others who simply can not get away from it. But you can not put your finger on what constitutes charisma. As the business magazine Fortune predicted : "You will feel it when you see it".

Can charisma be learned?
For a long time it was clear: Charisma can not be learned, it is innate. You have it or not. But that is a mistake. Charisma is not an innate trait but, as mentioned above, an external perception . Other than ourselves, we decide whether we have it or not.

Whether charisma (in parts) is in the genes, remains controversial. After all, science has meanwhile researched the phenomenon more intensively, condensing five essential characteristics that distinguish charismatics:

Inspiration that motivates;
Individuality that impresses;
Intellect that encourages;
Idealism that calms down.
And a body language that is as mysterious as it is sovereign.
As you already know, much of this is related to a strong sense of self-worth . The charismatic charisma that attracts and enlivens us all is the intense and seemingly unshakeable self-assurance that someone possesses, no matter what he or she does.

"Just courage is one of the most important qualities of a charismatic," says Charisma coach Julia Sobainsky. They enter new ways, pursue their visions. To do this consciously is testimony to creative creativity, idealism , perseverance , conviction. All of these qualities that make people charismatic. "

The good news is that much of it can be learned, trained and refined through practice. Everyone has some charisma in them and can reinforce that through training.

Charisma Characteristics Charismatic Learnable Charismatic

Other properties that create more charisma
The above qualities are essential for any charismatic personality, and there are other features that add to the charisma , captivating the environment, or captivating listeners and interlocutors. Some of them are deeply rooted in character, most of them can be learned or strengthened:

sense of justice
ability to motivate
Other aspects that make a person charismatic are listed in this free PDF !

Test: How much charisma is in you?
Charisma test charisma charismatic charismaIt's hard to judge your own charisma. After all, it is about the external impact, the charisma and the perception of other people - whoever says I am extremely charismatic , perhaps expressing this more as a desire than reality . However, it is understandable that you want to know if you have this great property yourself and are able to cast a spell over your charisma.

That's why we've put together a little self-test that can help you figure out if you have charisma.

How the test works
The test consists of ten questions. After each question there is a letter, remember how many times you have chosen which letter. At the end you reach the evaluation by means of the respective letter.

Charisma: exercises and tips for more charisma
Charisma can be partly learned - but how? First of all, it needs the understanding that flashes charisma and does not radiate around the clock. To use your charisma, it's not about getting up in the morning, standing in front of the mirror with a captivating look, or enchanting your aura behind closed doors. It is important to bring the radiation to the point and then use it, if this can achieve the greatest effect : in front of others, in critical or difficult situations.

This is certainly not easy, but with practice you can master this art. With these tips you can improve your charismatic charisma :

Work on your self-confidence
It is the framework on which charisma can be built . If you lack self-confidence, you will not be able to go out and open yourself to others. Instead, they increasingly withdraw into the background, trying to hide and instead of captivating others, they become almost invisible.

You take an important step as you learn to accept and love yourself the way you are - including all your strengths and weaknesses. From this certainty, you can appear with a great sense of security, as all others present feel.

Develop optimism
If you are pursuing a goal, facing a challenge or solving a problem, you should be convinced that you can do it. Only with this setting you can radiate charisma. Otherwise, you just act insecure or even desperate, which will certainly attract no one's attention.

Practice looking at things optimistically rather than just talking bad things. If you approach tasks with the right attitude, this also shows in your charisma and effect on others.

Dress appropriately
Two different factors play a role here. First, the classic dress to impress . In shorts and T-shirts no one unfolds the same appearance as in a well-fitting suit. You will immediately receive more attention , you look more serious, impressive, important. All psychological effects, the effect of which should not be underestimated.

However , you should feel well in your skin - and clothing - and the look must continue to suit you. If you feel that a suit is not the right choice for you, then you will find a different outfit. There are many elegant and impressive alternatives.

Work on your body language
A lanky gait, hanging shoulders, shaky knees - people have a very good sense of body language else's . Unconsciously even the smallest details are perceived and interpreted. If you want to develop more charisma, you need to involve your body language.

Keep body tension and use gestures and facial expressions . You can see how strong the effect can be during lectures or speeches, for example. Those who speak confidently and with body tension, while using large gestures to accompany their own words, seems much more engaging, convincing and ultimately charismatic.

Show yourself authentic
Whoever pretends and pretends something to others does not develop a charisma. It is much more charismatic when you perform authentically and show yourself as you really are.

Do not force yourself into a role that you are not. This does not look charismatic, but dishonest and is quickly revealed by others as dizziness.

Keep eye contact
Sometimes it's the little things that can provide more charisma: as simple as it sounds to look your interlocutor in the eye or make eye contact in a lecture in front of a group and keep it, ensures a better charisma. Their statements are better received, they give the impression of deep honesty and connect with everyone present.

Charisma Definition Charisma Eye contact

The same applies if you do not speak for yourself. Show your sincere interest in what your opponent is doing by keeping eye contact and not looking bored or even annoyed around the room while you wait to finally speak again.

Stay ready to take risks
The easiest and safest way can be tempting, but it is not the approach that impresses others and makes the look rather boring. Inspirational and intoxicating? Hardly if you are not ready to jump over your own shadow and take a risk to achieve something.

At the same time, this does not mean that you are attracted by ill-considered actions or premature conclusions. Risk taking can have a very attractive effect on the radiance of a person - if this is under control and used consciously. Everything else is more ruthless and frightening than encouraging one to follow one's example.

No matter which qualities you end up suffering from, whether they tend to be more like shirt-sleeved machinists à la Jack Welch or tend to be a type of integrated team player - make sure that you remain authentic and polarize. Yes, that's right: Do not try to be everybody's darling !

Addicts never have charisma . Who is already infected.

Basically, this is also a biblical realization: Be always clear - not lukewarm, but hot or cold. Those who act like that live in danger of others rejecting it. But that's better than many people think: you can not get past them!

While the majority adapts and floats with the tide, this categorical independence makes charismatic people stand out from the crowd. You could also say that you have the gift of inhaling yourself.

Either you worship them for them or you can not stand them . But because they do not seem to mind that, they are admired by their opponents themselves.

4 tricks that instantly make you look more charismatic
Be present
This does not mean physical presence, of course, but the spiritual one. Not a few people you talk to drift off at some point in your mind and are somewhere else in your mind. And let's face it: we notice that. Everyone realizes that. Charismatic people, on the other hand , always listen intensively , are fully focused and totally involved. Not only does this make us more valued, the presence gives our counterpart a magical aura.

Stay sovereign
There are people who constantly tell you how madly busy they are, how stressed, permaactive. Do such types act charismatically on you? Just. Whoever pulls us under his spell is the one who keeps a clear head in all the hustle and bustle and radiates complete peace . Strong words, firm voice, slow movements - such personalities reassure us, give us security and prove what they are: a sovereign in the literal sense.

Work on your rhetoric
Charisma can be perceived by a single glance, but language can be just as charismatic. Charisma and rhetorical skills often go hand in hand. Understanding how to use your words correctly and how they affect others will make you more persuasive, transfer your opinions to others, and motivate people to join you.

Add size
Amateurs who want to become more charismatic want to look bigger and be admired. Error! The trick of true charismatics is to make others around them feel like they're the stars. Charisma is the art of enchanting others, not miniaturizing them. Make others feel bigger, build people, be positive (without slime ) - and automatically develop a center of gravity.

Charisma is not a permanent state
If we see a person whose charisma immediately catches the eye, it is hard to imagine that he could act hesitantly, insecure or even reserved. The charisma is just too overpowering and puts everything else in the shade for the moment. What we see, however, is only a snapshot .

Who is full of charisma on a lecture does not necessarily have to do so on other occasions . A simple example: a project manager can charismatically lead a large team, enthralling everyone involved and inspiring them to their best, while at the same time acting as a role model in terms of commitment. If he then moves to a different position, his charisma may have disappeared in the job interview .

Instead, he seems nervous, does not quite know what he should do with himself and he finds it difficult to convince the HR manager of himself. A person who behaves contrary in different situations. In the job he is in his element , he feels well, blossoms, knows his strengths and the procedures. The applicant situation, on the other hand, is new, an unfamiliar role that does not suit him.

Charisma is greatest when we are truly sure of one thing, feel comfortable, and trust in having everything under control. Great self-esteem helps to realize this in different areas, but for many charismatics it is not a permanent state .

The flip side of charisma
Of course, such an aura also brings dangers . Usually charisma is always associated with something positive. With regard to politicians and rulers, however, one has to realize that there is also a negative side. Charismatic despots as in Germany at the time of World War II understood how to seduce masses .

Charismatic rule can mean that a psychosocial disorder is present. This goes hand in hand with the loss of the sense of reality and self-overestimation , including megalomania. During the Nazi period, the quasi-religious worship , which can be typical of charisma , was also revealed .

This was most clearly visible in the swastika, the swastika. It is by no means a National Socialist invention, but was considered a religious symbol in many ancient cultures from India to China to South America.

Anyone who gives too much weight to the radiant power of such persons opens the door for gatekeepers and gamblers .

Critics, as the Swiss management consultant Fredmund Malik admonish that charismatic people can be good leaders, but because of their seductive effect they are always exposed to great temptations and therefore represent a high risk for social groups and organizations dar.

Leader or seducer?

Everyone has to decide that for themselves. But in the right direction, charisma becomes a driver of success for itself and others .


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